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Artist Spotlight: Zéh Palito

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Zéh Palito's (Born in Itaqui, Brazil, 1991) practice seeks to promote a relationship of mutual respect and pleasure between humans and the natural world, often drawing inspiration from Brazilian and African cultures. The artist works across very different scales, from ambitious site-specific murals to small-scale figurative works on canvas. In parallel with his commitment to the environment, elevating, inspiring and celebrating marginalised communities and underrepresented voices is a fundamental element of his practice - an implicit suggestion that the two issues go hand in hand.

Zéh Palito's vibrant murals present fantastical landscapes where humans, animals and plant-life coexist in dynamic harmony. Wide-open skies collide with flat geometric planes of colour, whilst big cats and tropical birds move through a world of vibrant foliage, houseplants and oversized fruits. Palito, choosing to represent those of Black, Indigenous and Asian heritage, depicts his figures in sync with their surroundings. Through dramatic shifts in scale and a highly saturated use of colour, the artist proposes a wonderous utopic vision for the future. Whilst Palito adopts a similar visual vocabulary across his practice, the artist's most recent works on canvas focus on individuals with a greater intimacy of perspective.

My mural subjects talks about the connection between humans animals and nature I believe like we are one we are all together and we live on the same planet so we should care about each other

Selection of Available Works:

Posso Hennessy mas prefiro Tubaína, 2022

Laudelina Melo, 2022

Ubatuba ou Guarujá, 2022

Nosso Sonho, 2022

De Parintins ao Maranhão, 2022

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