Art Advisory  


Residential Art Services

Here at ArtMatic, We are a New York Advisory firm that strives in taking the time to understand what our clients needs are in style, design, and decor.  


We have a wide range of relationships from emerging to established artist, galleries and various institutions.


We provide services in finding the perfect art pieces, negotiate on our clients behalf, managing delivery and installation.

Corporate art services

We work with a wide range of various 

commercial companies including Hotels, Corporate Offices, Real estate development and Hospitality.


Our goal is to be hands on from understanding the aesthetic appearance requested, managing the logistics, 

while staying within budget.  


We provide consultation with the placement of the art and executing the installations.


We help Artists and Galleries with various projects including Art Fairs, Pop-up Exhibits, and Public Installations. 


We assist in an array of services including curating, installation, As well as strategic marketing to our core network of clients.

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Press includes Exhibitions, interviews and Special Projects.



Art Consultant Anwarii Musa has worked on many various major art projects. With his exceptional and diverse skills in the arts, he brings more than 10 years worth of experience in the contemporary art market in advising private collections and acquisitions. 


Anwarii was introduced to the art industry by interning as an Art Handler at Sotheby's in 2008. His ambition, drive to learn, and hard work landed him a full-time position and for the next 5 years He worked hands on learning about historical pieces from a variety of different artists. The experience and knowledge he retained from Sotheby's continues to follow him to this day.

In 2014, Anwarii took the bold step and decided to start his own company ArtMatic, as a Art Consultant. Since then he has worked directly with artists, collectors, and dealers in building a vast and trusted network.