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Art Advisory

​We work with private collectors and corporations across the globe on building and nurturing their collections. Providing a range of services including:​

  • Art Advisory, Collection Management  and Logistics

  • Market Analysis , Appraisals and Education

  • Studio Visits, Private Exhibition Viewings, Art Fair Walkthroughs, and Curated Travel Experiences


We curate exhibitions with galleries and institutions for the public to engage with the incredible artist we work with and admire. Additionally, we work with galleries on building impactful booths for international artfairs and artists on refining their portfolios.  The opening of our last exhibition with Phillips, House of Crowns can be viewed here  


We host events to further deepen the relationships in our community of artists, collectors, writers, advisors, curators, art dealers, and networks outside of the arts ecosystem. Additionally, we work with brands on finding organic ways to connect with the arts community and support artists. A glimpse into our last event The Gathering LA can be viewed here

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